Your Aircon Is Not Functioning? Here Is Why.

Many factors can cause your aircon to stop working. That means you need to contact a professional to repair your aircon. Fixing a broken AC can be dangerous. That’s because these devices use power.
It means you need a certified aircon repair singapore who understands how to deal with electrical sources. This guide outlines 5 factors that may cause your aircon to stop working. I also advise that if your aircon is experiencing problems, hire a professional as fixing a broken AC by yourself can be dangerous.
Frozen Coil
• One reason that can cause your aircon to stop working is if the coil is frozen. That’s because it interferes with the airflow. Keep in mind that a low refrigerant can cause a frozen indoor coil.
• It can also get caused by obstructed return air ductwork or dirty air filters. I recommend that you should contact a professional to check out these issues. That’s because in my case, I found that they detect these problems fast.
Damaged outside Fan
• I also noticed that another reason why my aircon stopped working was an issue with its outside fan. A functioning outside fan enables efficient heat transfer to take place.
• Failure to work will lead to your aircon overheating. It also leads to tripping of the safety overload. I also noticed that it results in damage to the compressors internal areas.
Faulty Wiring
• I also advise you check on your aircon wiring. That’s because the faulty wiring can lead to fire hazards. You should avoid trying to repair shoddy wiring.
• That’s because it may result in a fire. Bad wiring can also lead to a circuit breaker tripping or prevent your aircon from getting power.
• Do you know what a refrigerant is? Refrigerants are chemicals that cool the air within your air conditioning. I advise that you ask your technician to check the refrigerant levels. That’s because low levels indicate leaks or damage to the refrigerant system.
• One area you should be careful is if you need to charge your aircon with a refrigerant. You can solve these problems by hiring professional aircon technicians.
Outside Unit Not Functioning
• Another reason why your AC stops working is as result of a malfunctioning outside unit.
• It can be as a result of contactor problems or lack of power. It can also get caused by a faulty thermostat.
What to Do
• I recommend that you hire professionals to fix your aircon. That’s because doing it yourself can result to fire incidences or permanent damage to your device. It might seem costly, but it saves you money in the long term.
• Make sure you ask for written estimates. It enables you to plan your budget. I also advise you to compare quotes from different technicians. That’s because you may find one who’s cheaper, but isn’t certified. Look for those that mention the above reasons as the case of your unit stopping working.
• Another tip I advise is you hire those with physical addresses within your locality. That will allow you to reach them fast in the case of emergencies.
Contacting professional aircon fixers should be easier using the above guide. Check your budget estimates and ask for AC guarantees.